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Come, witness and immerse yourself in this ancient game known as Chaturanga that has been a part of our civilization for thousands of years. Commonly referred to as Chess or 'Shatranj' today, Chaturanga literally translates to 4 'angas' or limbs, which are symbolically represented by the 4 branches of an army - elephant (minister), horse, ship and soldiers.

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Enjoy the morning sun while eating the first meal of your day and stargaze while having a candlelit dinner under the moon - all that at our 'The Great Bath Cafe'!

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Inspired by 'The Great Bath,' the most well-known structure among the ruins of the ancient Vedic civilization, the impressive open-air cafe/ fine dine allows patrons to start their day on an indulgent note!

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Look up to the sky and soak in the element of space from our courtyard, with the other four elements of nature - Bhoomi, Vayu, Jal, and Agni surrounding you on all four sides.
Immerse into an ancient Vedic experience, imbued with traditions and culture at our #ThemedResort in #Goa.


Yagya a sacred tradition performed at fire altars ~
In the Vedic times, hymns were chanted by Rishis and oblations offered into the altar in order to remove negativity.
Sip on piping hot tea, served in earthen pots as you celebrate the sacred element of fire with ‘Havan’ in the morning and ‘Mashaal lighting’ in the evening in our courtyard.

Embrace tradition, culture and nature at #3102bcegoa - A Vedic Resort in Goa


Aangan a courtyard in the midst of the house ~
Inspired by the ancient Indian households where the sacred ‘Tulsi’ plant was worshipped to promote lifelong happiness, forms one corner of our courtyard - with traditional Indian cross-legged seating, and adorned with Tulsi to help you stay in touch with the Earth element.

Immerse yourself in an era gone by blended with modern hospitality and luxury at 3102bce - A Vedic Resort in Goa.


Kund meaning reservoir ~
Inspired by the ancient Vedic ritual of immersing feet into water before entering a dwelling or temple, one corner of our courtyard embodies the water element with small circular pools for soaking in your feet, relaxing, and an overall cleanse.
Each corner at our Boutique Resort depicts a story of its own ~ Immerse yourself into ‘Panchatva’ - the 5 elements of nature at #3102bcegoa - A Vedic Resort.


Pran the life force ~
It is sustained by Vayu and the cosmos energy in the universe. Based on this principle is the yogic practice of Pranayama, or breath control to channelize and expand your sense of being, resulting in numerous health benefits.
Experience the life force within when you meditate under our ‘Krishnachura’ tree, embodying the Air element at #3102bcegoa - A Vedic Resort.


Taking necessary hygiene measures is of utmost importance right now, and The Indus City of Lothal is a showcase of advanced and unique systems of the prehistoric period with private wells and toilets with a covered sewer network in each house.

We urge you to follow the necessary hygiene practices, and most importantly stay safe, stay healthy.


A remarkable civilization that inspired many others across the globe ~ From the impressive structure of The Great Bath, to well-planned cities and cantilevered balconies - the Vedic age witnessed myriad wonders of the architectural world that were built using the science of planning and architecture.
Traverse the history of time at our boutique luxury resort in #Goa.


The game of Chess originated in India, and was originally named ‘Ashtapada’ ~ Various Ancient mythological tales depict that India is home to games such as Ludo, Snakes and Ladders, with relics found at the great Indus-Sarasvati Civilization confirming that people from the Vedic Era indulged in games using dice and marbles.

Get a glimpse into the Vedic life, enveloped in luxury at our boutique resort in #Goa.