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Pitara - The Shop

The Curios Wish Catalogue.


Traditionally, "Pitara" refers to a chest full of surprises. In Indian households, grandmothers brought out surprises for children from such chests.

We bring you the choicest of handmade treasures used in the resort by expert craftsmen. You can avail of the catalogue in the Pitara to order any product that may take your fancy – from a painting to a cloth hanger to a door lock.

Feel free to peruse our comprehensive catalogue contained within the Pitara, where you can indulge in the pleasure of selecting any item that captures your imagination. Whether it be an exquisite piece of art or a functionally yet aesthetically pleasing accessory, our Pitara is sure to offer something that will pique your interest and cater to your personal taste.

Embrace the joy of exploring our extraordinary Pitara and unlock the hidden treasures that await you within its enchanting confines.

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