Wine and Dine in A Prehistoric Ambience at 3102bce, Resort in Goa

Dinner Setup 2

This café has been modeled on the lines of ‘The Great Bath’- the best-known structure among the ruins of the ancient Vedic Civilization (Mohen-jo-daro). It was built around the 3rd Millennium BCE. The place was used for ceremonial bathing. The floor was water tight with a drain and there were rooms which served as changing areas.


'Istaka' means ‘burnt brick’. Vedic sacrifices often needed a proper altar which is normally made of burnt bricks. Such bricks were made of clay. The perfect place to enjoy Global cuisine in a quirky contemporary setting. Our chefs take care to handpick all the ingredients to ensure the authenticity of taste.


In Vedic culture, water has a very special place because it is believed to have spiritually cleansing powers. Traditionally, it is considered auspicious to perform this form of purification before any religious ceremony.