Wine and Dine in A Prehistoric Ambience at 3102bce, Resort in Goa

Dinner Setup 2

Our in house fine dine has been modeled on the lines of ‘The Great Bath’- the best-known structure among the ruins of the ancient Vedic Civilization (Mohen-jo-daro). It was built around the 3rd Millennium BCE. The place was used for ceremonial bathing. The floor was water tight with a drain and there were rooms which served as changing areas.


'Istaka' means ‘burnt brick’. Vedic sacrifices often needed a proper altar which is normally made of burnt bricks. Such bricks were made of clay. The perfect place to enjoy Global cuisine in a quirky contemporary setting. Our chefs take care to handpick all the ingredients to ensure the authenticity of taste.

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Enjoy a wide variety of delicacies to kick start your fun filled day. At other times during the day, soak in the ambience as you laze around, relax and spend time over drinks, tea /coffee and light snacks. Linger for as long as you like; we’ve an eternity on our hands.