The Great Bath Café: Café, Bar & Fine Dining

This café has been modeled on the lines of ‘The Great Bath’- the best-known structure among the ruins of the ancient Vedic Civilization (Mohen-jo-daro).

Bask under the morning sun in this open air cafe in an amphitheatre like setting of the resort. Breakfast is served here. 
8:00 am to 11:00 am.

Enjoy the twinkling of the night sky and the romance of the moon over a fine dine special regional menu curated from the lost recipe across India.
7.30 pm to 11.00 pm

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For Reservations contact : +91 93309 03514

Table Setup

Enjoy a wide variety of delicacies to kick start your fun-filled day. At other times during the day, soak in the ambiance as you laze around, relax and spend time over drinks, tea /coffee, and light snacks.

Dinner Setup

Linger for as long as you like; we have an eternity on our hands. In the evenings we pamper you with the choicest of Indian dishes created from forgotten traditional recipes. Savour the delicacies from the far corners of an age-old civilization which have been carefully crafted by our Chef.

[The actual Great Bath which is the inspiration for this café was built around the 3rd Millennium BCE. The place was used for ceremonial bathing. The floor was watertight with a drain and there were rooms that served as changing areas.]

Separate vegetarian section available.

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